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Catching Dreams

August 31, 2015  •  8 Comments

I've seen these popping up and it's been on my to-do list to DIY, because I love to craft. While out on some medical leave for hip surgery I was able to do it. This was pretty simple to make too! Cost wasn't too bad, materials and design can be up to the creator too. Use this as a guide and make yours with your own design. 


Materials I used

2 - 24" wood quilting rounds (I ordered them on Amazon)

3-4 rolls of Eyelash yarn 

Package of feather

1-2 yard of stretch knit material (color of your choice)

Wire coat hanger

Hemp cord

*Don't mind the non-pro photos of the DIY I was about 5 days post op from hip surgery*

Total cost was approximately $50

Time invested was approximately 3-4 hours (drugged and taking lots of breaks because I couldn't stand for long periods, so realistically 2 hours)


1. I wrapped my rounds with about 2" thick pieces of material. I wrapped the top together once both pieces were covered. Do with while watching TV with a glass of wine...or in my case pain meds tehe.

2. I used my wire coat hanger to spring the bottom piece out to hold the shape I wanted. You could use dowel rods but I didn't think of this until I went to put it together so I improvised. It worked just fine. 

3. I covered the spot where I would place my baby with a piece of material. I hot glued the pieces together onto the bottom of the rings.

4. I used the hemp cord and followed the youtube video below to make the dream catcher part. Be sure to leave some slack in the first parts so you can pull and get them to be wide and open. You could thread beads into it while you are weaving too. Make sure you do a minimum of 7 points. Any less and it looks like a pentagram. I had to redo it 3 times because I didn't do enough in the beginning. YOUTUBE VIDEO

5. Cut your yarn and glue to the bottom of the circles. You can use whatever material you want. Boas, yarn, ribbon, lace, etc. This is where you can get creative. I used 4 skeins but I could have just used 2 or maybe 3, it's very thick. 

6. Shape your hanging material by cutting. Add some feathers with hot glue. Then you're done! 


DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is for a dreamcatcher prop that is composite ONLY. This will not support a baby hanging in the center. I would not hang a baby if it would support baby anyways. Safety first! ALWAYS composite images like this. 




First take an image of your prop hanging. I used a pvc pipe to hang it from and recruited two people to hold it for me. 

Then I placed my prop on my bean bag and propped up both sides using my butterfly posers. Then I stuffed some clothes under the bottom to elevate the head area. I placed baby on the prop on the bag and took my shot. This was the first time using the prop, I wouldn't suggest using it on the beanbag, do it on something the baby can hang their foot off of. You can see her foot dipped behind the fluff and so editing it to look natural was tough. The second time I learned from my mistakes!


Then I composited baby onto the hanging prop in post using Photoshop. Vilo! Baby catching beautiful dreams! 




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Beautiful end result. Thanks for sharing and all the helpful hints too. Love this x
Life's Precious Destiny Photography(non-registered)
THANK YOU! You are so kind for sharing this with everyone.
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