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This is a strange day and age for us all and I need to express myself as it's making me a little insane. Essential workers are the ONLY people who are supposed to be risking exposure to this virus. These are the front line workers who MUST go into work and brave this virus to ensure we all have what we need to survive.


Now, I'm sure some of you are reading this and are saying "well duh Suzanne, we know who is essential and who needs to stay home!"


But do you really? I have seen in the past week a flood of photographers, local and country wide that seem to think taking photographs from a distance enough is considered essential. Weather or not they are at a distance isn't the point.




Sure, it feels good to make people smile and continue to capture those photos from afar. But what's worrisome is that these "clients" paying or donating or free and these photographers aren't getting is that this virus is NOVEL.




This means that we are basically a science experiment right now and we don't really know 100% how it spreads. We know that touch and close proximity is key but every single day things have changed. The 6ft social distancing is a GUIDELINE not the word of the Lord. You are being told to stay home and IF you MUST go out for food, supplies, or medical attention then it is recommended to stay 6+ feet away from others.


NEW information was reported on April 2, 2020 where they are suggesting that it CAN travel in the air for a distance from talking and or breathing. THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO STOP PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE. THIS IS WHY WE ALL NEED TO STAY HOME!
















The rest of the photography community is just as sad, upset, and struggling not working too. BUT, we are doing what we are asked to do for the greater good of the people. Not to get our few moments of fame because we are the only ones shooting and posting. This is NOT ok. We are NOT ok. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE STOP BOOKING AND SHOOTING THE FRONT PORCH SESSIONS!


My clients, friends, family, fellow photographers, and people in general's health is the most important to me. Please stop risking lives for a snapshot on the front porch that will likely just be shared on facebook and not hung in the home. No one is printing this in an 8x10 and framing it. I PROMISE. Wait to capture these images until we have all made it to the other side of this mess. USE YOUR PHONE.


IF you would like to have your photos done, I suggest using the self timer options that comes on most phones and set it up and take a few photos safely.

Respect the front line workers who are risking their lives and their families lives to go into work and make sure you are safe and cared for. Please I beg you to stay home, hunker down, clean out that closet, take that nap, binge watch your shows, bake those cookies, read with your kids, snap the photos with your phone and just enjoy this slow down.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those essential employees & families working right now in hospitals, patrolling the streets, stocking the shelves, driving the trucks, delivering the packages and food, and all those who are needed to keep our country fed and healthy. If you aren't in that category sit your ass on the couch and enjoy this time off. PLEASE!




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At Just 40 hours old..... Meet this adorable little guy, his name is Keegan.

At only 40 hours old Keegan had a seizure, the first of many. They continued to progress and get worse so he was admitted to the nicu and taken in for a MRI. They found a severe brain hemorrhage had occurred at some point between being in utero and birth. They were thankfully able to get his seizures under control with medication and he hasn't had one since the start of the medication but there isn't much that can be done for the brain trauma except time and lots of love. Mom told me that he has lost a chunk of his top left of his brain and it's somewhat deep. They have an idea of what will be affected but aren't quite sure until he begins to grow and develop and hit/miss milestones. Currently he acts like a very typical newborn eating every few hours, crying when hes hungry or dirty, and giving mom and dad some lovely blow out diapers to change!

Let us all pray he continues to improve!

I can tell you he was a total love at his session. He was amazing for me while I worked with him at my studio! He slept through his two twin 20 month old brothers playing wildly enjoying lots of the toys and movies I offer to siblings to do while I photograph their baby bro/sis. Big Bro and Sis helped so much with the session making sure everyone was ok!


I am always honored to capture these first memories as babies are so small and sleepy and even more so when they been a super hero so early in their life!


Say a prayer if you pray or just keep this family and little Keegan in your thoughts as they navigate these murky waters of what will be. I am certain he will be the joy and calm in their lives and a wonderful addition to their family!


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Outdoor Newborn Minis I know you love newborn photos in general but taking them outside into nature is even more beautiful! NOW Booking newborn minis as an add on to your newborn studio session or alone if you just want some breathtaking images of your baby in the elements of nature.


Where does this session take place?

It can take place anywhere really. There does need to be a decent amount of shade or it must be shot at "golden hour" which is an hour to 90 minutes prior to sunset for best lighting in open areas without shade. Light can be filtered and blocked in bushes and flowering areas during high noon time which is typically the best time of day to shoot a newborn. Its best to choose a location with at least 3 backdrop options meaning you want to have a place with a few areas that look different like a bush with flowers, flowers on a fielded area and/or and grassy area with flowers of variant colors.


What is the best age to do this?

The age is the same as indoor newborns and they are best done within 10-21 days of life. This allows us to fill them up with milk and wrap them up snug in the warm heat of the summer and they fall into a deep milk coma sleep allowing me to have a 20-40 minute window to work with them as sleepy as possible. Sessions can be done awake but it is not ideal as the poses in the buckets and in props the baby need to be still, relaxed, and asleep to be safe and for it to look good.


Is this best for girls AND boys?

Absolutely! This is great for both gender babies. Outside offers much more than just flowers to use as backdrops.

How can I book a session?

It's easy! If you are due this Summer (June to September) you can contact me to book your due date. Once your baby is born I ask you contact me within 48 hours once in recovery and we will book a tentative date for outside based on the 10 day forecast. This date can change if the weather changes but I book with a good amount of wiggle room in the case we get rained out. Then I find a location based on the information you sent (more flowers, more nature, beach, fields, farm, etc) and send a confirmation email with the location information and how to prepare for your session. There isn't much preparation as you just come with a full sleepy baby and I take over the rest!


Want to learn more about pricing and book your outdoor newborn mini today?


These sessions are very limited throughout the summer months so please book your session now to reserve your due date!






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Don't forget the tissues......A sickness PSA

Here I am writing a blog about sickness.......not my own....well kinda my own.....but more about sick kids coming into my studio for sessions.

I am not the only photographer out there with issues similar to what's described below. So many of us have lots of stuff going on with ourselves or kids at home. This is a Public Service Announcement to all our clients and potential clients to PLEASE hear us!

I suppose it's one of those things where you don't consider it being a major issue if you or your child has the sniffles or wakes up not acting normal with signs of a long as there is no fever most places like schools and daycare say it's ok to attend. I'm writing this because school and daycare are necessary places to go. You need your child to get an education and don't want them to miss too much school due to a little cold or cough. You need to work and can't stay home every single time your child gets the sniffles. I get it, honestly I do. But photographs are NOT a necessity for you to do while your child is sick. If you have booked with a time crunch that does not allow you to disregard the rules. Not only does it cause them to not act like themselves but they can be completely miserable and it be a complete waste of your time and money. You won't love the photos of your little one who woke up congested and unable to breathe staring at you with strange looks as we try to act like psychotic people to get them to smile. They won't. They will cry. They will hate being changed because they don't feel well. Think about how you feel with a head cold........There's just no need to force it. RESCHEDULE. All sessions can be rescheduled if your child is NOT in optimal health. I understand some colds run their course and can last weeks, but if your child is newly sick as in wakes up that day or has not been feeling well the past couple days hacking and coughing with their nose spilling snot it is not necessary for you to come to your session. It is necessary for you to stay home and let your child get better. At the first sign of illness I BEG you to contact your photographer to discuss options to reschedule. I promise the photographer will most often be appreciative that you've done so. I know I would be.


A little about why this is so important to me. First, I have been diagnosed with another (I have Celiac Disease and Asthma) autoimmune disease call AS (Ankolosing Spondilytis) and I have been put on a biologic called Enbrel. This drug I have to take in order to feel better and stop further damage to my joints causes my immune system to be compromised and more susceptible to getting sick. I'm sure you've seen the commercials on TV for it. If not, I'm sure you'll see them. Listen to what they say. Lowering my exposure to direct sickness will prevent myself from getting sick.  Second, I work with all types of kids/babies which means I do have children who have lowered and/or compromised immune systems due to diseases/surgeries/etc as well as working with lots of Newborns who's immune systems are under developed. Although the studio is cleaned and sanitized the best possible between sessions a newly sick child can infect myself at a session or leave germs on a missed surface. If I catch something that takes a few days to show signs and in the meantime worked with multiple other children and newborns there is a potential to contaminate them. I do not want this to happen. I do not want to get sick and I surely don't want to unknowingly get others sick. I take the utmost care to ensure I stay healthy, my studio stays clean to keep my clients healthy too. If I get sick I have to reschedule sessions and that just messes my life up.


So why am I telling you this? Well, I'm hoping if you have a session scheduled with me that you will take the same precautions I do and contact me if your child gets sicks within a week of your session and especially if they wake up not feeling so great the day of their session. I understand this becomes more of an inconvenience  to yourself to have to reschedule but please think about how many others it could affect if you don't.


For my future clients if you show up to a session and your child is visibly sick and miserable I will ask you to reschedule your session. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me at the first sign of sickness and don't make me do this.


So this means that maybe Christmas cards won't go out this year.....or is it worth you possibly infecting myself or another child/baby with a cold that could manifest into something that puts us in the hospital for Christmas..... Please think about other people.


With so much LOVE,



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The Greatest Gift The greatest gift on this planet to a yearning mother is a baby. Sometimes the greatest gift comes after the greatest pain. This is one amazing story of two people who were destined to be parents!

These two love birds got married and were excited to start a family. I can remember the messages from her eager to take the announcement images or planning maternity photos. After months upon months of trying and nothing happening they visited some doctors to discuss IVF. She went through multiple IVF and other fertility options that all failed or never took. I remember her being so excited with the possibility of becoming pregnant with twins or even one baby! Any amount of babies would do! She was crushed after nothing taking. After trying for months with no avail they opted to discuss adoption. They were matched with a young mother to be who wanted an open adoption and they were very excited to get to know her. They spent time with her and finally the day came when the baby was born. April 1st, they went to the hospital to see "their new baby" but that was not the case, unfortunately the biological father decided he wanted to be involved and take custody of the baby. They went home with an empty car seat, an April Fools "joke" that haunted her for months.

She contacted me a few weeks ago to come help he with a video to submit to the adoption agency. She had decided to get back on the horse and try again! I happily said yes as I couldn't imagine what they had been through and it meant a lot she asked for my help! We scheduled it and we were hopeful this would get a baby in her arms faster! On Tuesday August 8th I got a message from her that read "I might need to book a newborn session instead of the video!" and I screamed as I replied! OH MY GOD!

She was contacted by the adoption agency and was told that "her baby had just been born" at a local hospital! It was unbelievable! A young woman went in to the hospital for stomach pains and found out she was about to have a baby! Unknowing she was even pregnant she couldn't care for the baby she requested to place  the baby for adoption. They met all the criteria she was looking for in an adoptive couple. Within 48 hours they went from living a normal life to having a newborn! Talk about 0-60mph! She is living her dream and I couldn't be happier for them both! They will make the best parents and I was honored to be able to capture these amazing memories of their new bundle of joy!


So today I got to meet Mr Logan who is their Rainbow of Hope after a long and painful wait! Welcome to the world little man! You are so LOVED!


He has two furry siblings who will keep him laughing and protected for the rest of their lives! I just love these three!!!

Such a little cuddle bug - wearing the amazing bear outfit from Modest Little Me!

The sweetest little face!

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Dear people who don't understand Celiac Disease..... Dear everyone who owns a business and offers options for those who have food allergies.....

Or Dear Marriott Hotel that made what was supposed to be an amazing experience a pretty stressful one!


Last weekend I attended a once in a lifetime event at an Atalanta Marriott Hotel. I booked this even 8 months in advance, took time away from my small business, booked a flight, transportation, and your hotel.

I responded to an RSVP that asked if I had any dietary restrictions, which I do. I have Celiac Disease. Now, I know that Gluten Free is some what of a new "fun" fad for some. But most people don't choose to avoid gluten, that crap is outstanding!

I am extremely sensitive to cross contamination, as a bit of a back story. For me touching a piece of bread and then touching my food to eat is enough to make me extremely ill. Crazy right? So this means I'm super crazy about eating out, I double and triple ask to ensure my food is Gluten Free and safe. It's scary. Now, to get a tad bit more personal than I'd like my allergy won't cause my throat to swell or breathing to become restricted, no immediate death will ensue. However, think to the worst flu you've ever had, the kind where you can't leave the bathroom and want to just sleep in your bed all day. THAT'S how my reaction is and I'd take my throat swelling over explosive bathroom-itis any day.


I digress.....


I arrive at the welcome event in the Hotel's ballroom after traveling for 6 hours with little to eat ready to devour some food! I walk in and guess's a pasta bar. (for those of you that still are slow to this whole thing pasta = wheat = sad me) So I spend a few moments chatting with people and then get to work locating someone who can assist me. I found a matradee and asked if there were any Gluten Free meals as I had responded to the RSVP with a severe allergy to gluten. He says, "no, there is pasta." Oh, ok cool. So I find someone else. The next person is much more helpful and says he will get right on it with the kitchen. Over an hour later I flag someone down carrying a covered dish and they tell me this is for someone else, but there is more coming. I'm seriously ready to eat my hand. Then my food comes and the welcome event is nearing the end as I legit woof it down like a rabid animal. A small roasted chicken thigh with asparagus. Honestly not enough to parch my hunger. As soon as the event was over we treked to the closest steak house we could find which was super amazing when it came to my allergy, even the chef came out and spoke with me. The food was amazing.


The next morning we go down for the welcome. After they had a snack and aside from some nuts there was nothing I could eat. So tea and nuts it was. I tried to look on the bright side, maybe I'd loose weight while I was here! Then Lunch came and there was not one thing I could safely eat. Everything was mixed on a buffet style table and that screams cross contamination. I found one of the event coordinators and spoke with them about the issue. They informed me they had submitted the requirements and that there were 75 people with food allergies. I found two other people with a gluten sensitivity but no one had Celiac like myself. I was ensured the next several meals/snacks I would have food to eat without having to track people down and waste time  finding food over enjoying my break and making to to my next classes with enough time to get a decent seat. Not to mention, when I finally did get something to eat I had to eat so fast to make it to my next class I would have to go to my room in between the next class to get tums from the indigestion. Good times so far right....


So in between all of this stress of where I was going to find my next if I was not accounted for or forgotten about....there was epic awesomeness. So it made me forget some about the stress of finding food. Then the next day came. I woke up sick. Not with a cold.....but sick from eating (hence the indigestion I had I attributed to the stuffing my face as fast as I could). So I spend Day 2 of my classes in and out of my bathroom. Unable to even go to class. I went down for about 20 minutes and had to go back up to my room where I was stuck for almost 2 hours. I missed 2 classes and 30 minutes of my 3rd and decided to go down and find some tea and pray it would help calm my stomach. I didn't eat much the rest of the day and began to feel much better by that night. The worst had been behind me. But there was nothing to eat between events near the hotel on Sunday (Chik-fil-a was close and they are awesome!) So I ordered room service. Woke up the next morning sick again. Same exact thing, I was stuck in my room, I went down for a few and then was running back and forth to the ladies room since we had to turn our keys in. Then at the last snack/lunch there was STILL nothing for me to eat. They brought me a plate of gf bread and at this point being sick all morning I was starving so I tried to pick untouched lunch meat and stalked the cheese tray to grab the first pieces. But who knows what they touched before placing the cheese/meat. Immediately this made me sick. I had to leave my last scheduled class to use the bathroom repeatedly and honestly was so exhausted I couldn't fathom going back to listen to the class so I sat on one of the community couches in a ball. When the last class let out and everyone was headed to the exit speech I went up to get my luggage and headed back down. I must have looked like death because several people stopped me asking if I was ok. I surely felt like it. Then the Event Creator stopped me. She asked if I was ok, and I broke down into tears. I was not. I had been through the ringer all weekend. I felt like my experience was not like others who don't have food issues. I felt like a lot of my brain power went to worrying about what I was going to eat next and if it would make me sick. I felt like a second class citizen. I felt like because they don't understand my disease they don't think it's a big deal. The food at these types of things is supposed to be the second fun part. Eating. I was literally petrified to eat when I did and then mortified I was forgotten when I had nothing. The hotel staff was consulted as I spoke with several manager/supervisors in red coats to ensure I would have something the next time I came down. Nothing ever changed.


The hotel event manager asked how she could make it better. I told her to educate her staff and never allow another person who comes to this have this happen to them. She offered me points for either their hotel or an airline I use. She offered my 500,000 points for JetBlue and to comp all the room service to our room (which was all gluten free).


My experience is tainted. I want to say I loved this event, but I can't. I can tell you  I love aspects of it. But overall the hotel dropped the ball. And they are still dropping the ball.


I was told one thing and I have gotten none of it. They didn't comp the room service, charged my friends card when they told us they were refunding it, and now I'm being told that she can only give me 1,500 points. This event cost me several thousand dollars and it also caused me to be sick and miss speakers and demos I will never be able to see again. It caused my immune system to be compromised which allowed me to get sick with a head cold which caused me to reschedule clients and not be able to edit my sessions and do work that needed to be done. This is not just someone complaining that the food wasn't good, or they messed up one day. This has massive wave effects on my health and my business. I'm still so upset about it and I don't know that I will ever stay at a Marriott ever again after being treated so poorly. The event staff did what they could and I don't blame the event itself.  It hurts my head and my heart that those of us with food allergies are not taken serious or pushed off to the side. I WANT to be like everyone else, but I am not. It's not by choice that's for damn sure and even if it was I would hope my request would be taken seriously.  I hope that with this maybe your company can implement some type of educational training to ensure that no one who stays at your hotels ever feels this way again or gets sick like I did.


No one deserves to be treated like this.






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A business is like a child.....and I'm freaking exhasted!

Today I realized that my business is my second...third....and fourth child. A very needy set of kids. But I love it so. AND it's why I don't want another baby right now, so stop asking when am I going to have #2.


MAD PROPS to those Mama's who own a business (or multiples businesses) with more than 1 kid! How about just mad props to anyone with multiple kids!


When you open a business for the first time from scratch you are like a new mother. Blissful and ignorant. These visions of what you could do down the road are grand. Then, well reality kicks in. You are beat down, stressed, frustrated, and exhausted. BUT, you are so proud of how your little baby is growing.


When you open a photography business you literally know nothing about (unless you've run a photography business in a past life). I came from nothing, no college degree in art or business. I have worked a lot of different types of jobs searching for that ONE! My passion in life. When I found it I was young and not ready to be serious about my business. If was kinda fun, but as I really started to switch gears and move into, "I think I like this enough to try and make money......" It takes on a whole new form. The "make it or break it" form!


Aren't we all just trying to make it. We want to live the life, enjoy it, love others, and be happy. This is what life is about. make it you have to work your ass of for it. Most of the time, anyways.


So for the past 3 years, I've been working so hard. I took anything that contacted me to book. I needed to practice. Remember, I didn't attend school, so I did "on the job" training. But IF I charged anything......It was really nothing. Not sustainable. Just enough to put the gas in my car and maybe buy a prop or save for a piece of gear.  When you start from scratch you are scrounging the ground for anything and everything you can find. Then you evolve and grow because when you are taking it all, there are bound to be some serious learning experiences. So you either demonstrate insanity or you grow.


I chose to grow. So was born contracts. A calendar. An email. The things I needed to get me a tad bit more organized. Then.....well the inevitable "serious learning experiences" happened again I added new procedures and policies to prevent that for ever happening again! Because, who actually knew that someone could get mad that their clothes (THEY PICKED OUT) didn't match or look good in the photo, their hair looked awful that day and wanted to reshoot, their kid wouldn't smile, or the DJ isn't here can you MC the wedding for us. Then oh man, I decided that weddings we not for me. Neither were seniors and boudoir. It wasn't "fun" for me anymore. And although deciding to specialize in something was hard, I hated turning down the inquiries but I NEEDED to focus my energy on learning what I did love.


"Jack of all trades, master of none"


The growing pains of a business are freaking rough. I've edited until 4am, worked a 12 hours wedding for $200 (oh god, what was I thinking!!!), and most of all spent an exponential amount of time away from my family and life. If you think you can just open a business and be busy and popular, my friend, you are wrong. You gotta work your ass off. Like until it just falls off.


You must nurture it and love it. Spend an extreme amount of time and devotion towards it. If, of course you want it to be a prosperous business.


I'm telling you all this because I see soooooo many people down about their business. Sooooo many who are working hard but in all the wrong places. Who own amazing equipment and don't know how to use it. Sooo many who just are suffering because they are stuck.

I'm not saying I have all the answers because I hit walls too, and cry in the shower while drinking a margarita. But if I try one thing and it doesn't work well I change it. I do not keep the same process if it isn't successful. If you aren't making money change your pricing structure. If you aren't booking client market more and get out and talk to people who you can network with. If your repeat client base is down (in business more that 2 years) then look at why? If clients are constantly upset with you for any reason or if they have to ask a million questions, look at your communication with them and fix it. If you aren't busy and profitable you need to look at yourself as the owner and say "what am I doing wrong that I can change and how can I change it NOW?"


STOP. Wasting. TIME!


Ok.....back to work :)


Remove yourself from things that won't help you make it. Don't look at others work. Focus on YOU!


If you want it, you will go get it. That's of course, if you WANT it bad enough.


"Want it. Wish it. Do it." ~ Brian Griffin

(haha oh man I'm quoting cartoons now!)


Take these words and know that we all started somewhere and we all struggled....and still do struggle. But I'm happy to say I'm living my dream, doing what I love and taking care of my family doing it all. Excited to see where I go next in my journey. Cheers to your journey too!




















Practice makes Perfect

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Catching Dreams I've seen these popping up and it's been on my to-do list to DIY, because I love to craft. While out on some medical leave for hip surgery I was able to do it. This was pretty simple to make too! Cost wasn't too bad, materials and design can be up to the creator too. Use this as a guide and make yours with your own design. 


Materials I used

2 - 24" wood quilting rounds (I ordered them on Amazon)

3-4 rolls of Eyelash yarn 

Package of feather

1-2 yard of stretch knit material (color of your choice)

Wire coat hanger

Hemp cord

*Don't mind the non-pro photos of the DIY I was about 5 days post op from hip surgery*

Total cost was approximately $50

Time invested was approximately 3-4 hours (drugged and taking lots of breaks because I couldn't stand for long periods, so realistically 2 hours)


1. I wrapped my rounds with about 2" thick pieces of material. I wrapped the top together once both pieces were covered. Do with while watching TV with a glass of wine...or in my case pain meds tehe.

2. I used my wire coat hanger to spring the bottom piece out to hold the shape I wanted. You could use dowel rods but I didn't think of this until I went to put it together so I improvised. It worked just fine. 

3. I covered the spot where I would place my baby with a piece of material. I hot glued the pieces together onto the bottom of the rings.

4. I used the hemp cord and followed the youtube video below to make the dream catcher part. Be sure to leave some slack in the first parts so you can pull and get them to be wide and open. You could thread beads into it while you are weaving too. Make sure you do a minimum of 7 points. Any less and it looks like a pentagram. I had to redo it 3 times because I didn't do enough in the beginning. YOUTUBE VIDEO

5. Cut your yarn and glue to the bottom of the circles. You can use whatever material you want. Boas, yarn, ribbon, lace, etc. This is where you can get creative. I used 4 skeins but I could have just used 2 or maybe 3, it's very thick. 

6. Shape your hanging material by cutting. Add some feathers with hot glue. Then you're done! 


DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is for a dreamcatcher prop that is composite ONLY. This will not support a baby hanging in the center. I would not hang a baby if it would support baby anyways. Safety first! ALWAYS composite images like this. 




First take an image of your prop hanging. I used a pvc pipe to hang it from and recruited two people to hold it for me. 

Then I placed my prop on my bean bag and propped up both sides using my butterfly posers. Then I stuffed some clothes under the bottom to elevate the head area. I placed baby on the prop on the bag and took my shot. This was the first time using the prop, I wouldn't suggest using it on the beanbag, do it on something the baby can hang their foot off of. You can see her foot dipped behind the fluff and so editing it to look natural was tough. The second time I learned from my mistakes!


Then I composited baby onto the hanging prop in post using Photoshop. Vilo! Baby catching beautiful dreams! 



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Savage Seamless Reviews I found Savage seamless backdrop paper in October 2013 and I absolutely fell in love with the ease of use, consistency of how it photographs and how cost effective it is to use. Since then I've grown my Savage collection to include many colors. I use them in almost every single session I shoot. The best part is even the scrap pieces get used at the end of the roll by my son who loves to paint and draw on pieces too small to use for shoots. Versatile and cost effective! That is truly what us photographers want!


Baby Blue 

I recently was able to get the baby blue seamless paper. I've used several of the blues that Savage offers. This one is hands down one of my new favorites!! Although the name doesn't really fit to the paper color. If you've been online you know the color swatches do not exactly match the paper sometimes when you get it in. You really should order the swatch pamphlet. But even still the tiny little pieces of paper may not look like that would in use with lighting. This color photographs more along the lines of sea foam, aqua, or even could be a dark mint. I adore this color. It's pastel and muted but still adds a stunning pop of color which compliments any type of session from newborns to cake smashes. I highly recommend this color and will keep it in my rotation for sure! 



Charcoal Grey

I'm a sucker for dark colors and grey is one of my favorite neutral colors to use in sessions. I can pair it with tons of options to get the look I'm after. I've used several of the grey drops Savage offers and this is one of the good midtone greys. It's not as dark as Thunder but not as light as Storm. It's right smack in the middle. It photographs very nicely and I love it! 



Canary Yellow

Oh holy brightness! If you want to make a statement with an image than this is definitely the paper to use. Although, with babies who are sitting directly on the paper you will be required to do a little additional post editing in order to remove color cast. When I ordered I was really hoping that it would be a more muted color since they do offer some darker yellows and this is closest to pastel yellow Savage offers. I would love for Savage to come out with a more pastel color that would be better for newborn/baby photographers. They currently offer several vivid colors with corresponding pastel colors (i.e. Purple/Orchid, Tulip/Coral, and Ultramarine/Blue Mist, etc.). It is possible to 'convert' this to more of a pastel color after some editing, but to edit an entire session shot on this (i.e. cake smash) would be a lot of extra work in post. Other than my issue with the brightness  in use with small children the color is nice, the paper is thick and sturdy, and it lives up to being the quality that Savage offers. 



Some side notes

Paper size is a huge key to allowing more shooting space for us photographers. I can tell you 53" is a good starting point. It's plenty big enough for shooting newborns, babies under a year, and toddlers. But add more than two kids or adults and here comes the post processing nightmare! The next sizing option is 107" which is obnoxiously gigantic for us newborn/child photographers. It takes up more than half of my studio space when I use it. I can tell you that many (and I'm talking maybe 50%) of your customers who order the 107" end up cutting it with a saw of sorts to bring it down to a more manageable size. A great mid-size option would be in the 80" range. I would prefer to order the mid-range for cake smash sessions so I'm not limited to horizontal or vertical shooting depending on how I set up my session (on the roll mainly shot vertical, cut into two pieces taped to the wall and floor mainly shot horizontal). The 53" is not big enough for family sessions, but travels well because of the size. The 107" is great for family sessions but does not travel well at all, and won't fit in most SUV's let alone cars. Great for photographers who have a nice big studio but for those who travel or work out of their home in more confined spaces the 107" is way too big. I've polled a very large group of Maternity-Newborn-Child photographers and asked them what they thought about a new size option. Below are the results. I hope that you will see there is a market to offer a mid-range size and hear out cries for it! We love your product but cutting off nearly two feet which then becomes useless saddens us. 


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Starr Photography Posing Guide Below is a list of poses and their names (or what I refer to the pose as). This is also in the "workflow" of how I typically work with newborns in order to get the most bang for my time. For more workflow guides CLICK HERE to check out Workflow Pocket Guide showing how I use my posers and tips/tricks on how to pose baby!


Pea Pod Wrap






























Womb Wrap (with hands in)





























Womb Wrap (hands out/side view)




























Potato Sack


























































Back Pose








































































Bum Pose






















































































Side Bum
























































































Chin on Hands

































































































































































Lazy Froggy


































































































































Hanging in a wrap















Simba Pose

























































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