Maternity Session Information


Being pregnant is such an exciting, scary, and uncomfortable journey us as women go through. Up's and down's and the finally of your baby's birth. Our bodies change and morph to bake that new life to perfection. Although we all may not feel like we look stunning or glowing while feeling as big a a whale and missing the sight of our toes and nether regions, we truly are. You won't be able to appreciate this until after your sweet baby is OUT of there and in your arms. I know because I can speak from personal experience. I hated my maternity photos when I was still pregnant but I treasure them and don't think I looked as awful as I thought I did now. I'm so thankful I had them done. That baby who will grow up so fast will only be in your belly that one time for 9 short (yet long) months. Capturing them in that stage is important. So don't think you can't because you already feel disgusting. You aren't I promise. To help you feel more beautiful I offer an array of stunning maternity gowns you and don while in our session. 

It's best to book your maternity session when you are approximately 32+ weeks pregnant.


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